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A personal touch

We have decided to create this subpage because the campsite is first and foremost a family business. My name is Sam Finch second son of Marc and Jo Finch, the owners of Camping L'étang Bleu. We thought maybe you would get a better grasp of what we are about here in sunny France, if you knew more about us.

We are a family of six : Mum and Dad, Robby my older brother, Noony (Nicholas, although I have never called him that) and Louis my two younger brothers. When I was four and Noony was two mum and dad decided they needed to change lifestyle, they were working long hours in London and hardly had any time to see us, so as any perfectly sane person would, they quit their steady salaries and bought a derelict campsite in the south of France on the basis that daddy fell in love with the lake and you know what, I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Robby was already a bit older than us so he stayed in England during the move, Noony and I had no choice so we moved to France. The move was covered by a TV show on the BBC called Living the Dream in 2002, since then we have been living in the dordogne and transfomring the campsite into the site it is now.  My littlest brother Louis was born in France and all three of us have lived here our whole lives. It is such a beautiful and relaxed way to grow up. We have met so many people over the years and I have endless memories of good times spent on the campsite. Dad wants to write a book about all the things that have gone on here and I really can't wait to read it! I am at an age now where I can really appreciate the work that has been put into this place form daddy getting up at four in the morning faced with overflowing toilets to being asked which way to turn out of the campsite to get to Portugal. For sure there has been some hard times for mum and dad especially since customer service isn't daddys strong point. One time he was left alone on the campsite when a family came up to eat and enquired about the food, upon being asked what vegetables were served, dad turned rather pale as he had no idea and proceded to answer "green ones". 

In any case we are still here and can't imagine anywhere we would rather live. People are brilliant and so different in so many ways but it seems despite those differences, at L'étang Bleu it all seems to just stick. I really hope you manage to grasp the tranquility and beauty of my home because no matter where I travel in the world the thought of coming back home always brings a smile to my face. 


Louis,Sam and Marc. Van installation 2017.


From the left ; Sam, Marc, Robby


The campsite lake.


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City Cycle

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Misty Slopes

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Come and make your own home and memories at L'étang Bleu...

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